Delight customers and become an ambassador!

The days of “tunnel vision” are over!


Globalization, new media, social networks, quickly detaching mass trends, ever shorter product cycles and changing consumer behavior provide barriers to classic marketing techniques. Ads, mailings and glossy brochures are obsolete as fundamental advertising and are now used as only a decorative accessory. With more consumer information online, the customer is more likely to believe the messages of their own research than that of third parties.

Instead of pushing just messages about products in the market, it is important to highlight the benefits and arouse desires. Campaigns with emotional storyboards over the entire communication spectrum must be developed. These promotional products must be correct and create emotional desires such as ” … I must have … “. It applies a build up of emotional pressure to achieve a desirable attraction. Our aim is to delight our customers, time and time again!

We see marketing, sales, product development and purchasing not as seperate disciplines. These four areas at BRANDiVSION are closely involved together right from defining a problem to finding a solution.Our customers rightly expect that we are familiar with the relevant current issues, developments and new trends.
In marketing, a new era has dawned. Gone are the days of making compromises with customers. Far from the traditional demographic markets, a new type of customer has evolved. They call, they act, they are multi-sensory, enthusiastic and confident.

In full – service, development, design and marketing are closely linked and should be made in partnership with our customers. It corresponds to our brand values and the world values of our company. We create added value and differentiation for our customers through innovative products.

In distribution, a new era has dawned!

Self-realization and customization replaces bargain hunting.


Products, brands, messages, target groups, media channels and sales channels are becoming increasingly complex and diversified. The fast pace, the ever shorter product life cycles and trends are creating new challenges. Where buyers are required to act. Customers do not want a patched up advertising messages, they want to be addressed confidently with all senses.

Today’s customer has evolved in the wake of globalization, new media and opportunities. They are not tolerating long lead times for ordered goods and are not satisfied if a product is only offered in a particular colour, shape, and design. They want to achieve individualization and stand out from competitors. Once traditional promotions are seen, the customer turns away.

Companies that believe their customers are strongly brand loyal will be at a disadvantage. The customer is very well informed and wants to be taken seriously. This creates new dimensions in sales and customer orientation. The challenge is to reach the customer, to learn and to be up to date.
The price is no longer the driver. The new drivers are added value of a product and the company’s image. In distribution, we take these new value drivers into account. Put in an honest, transparent deal. Promising quality, sustainability, integrity and reliability.

High quality and best prices with reliable service!

Trust through transparency and constant balance!


According to our three service packages, we manage the best sourcing solution and monitor the entire production process accross the whole supply chain.

Buying is the first milestone in creating value to successfull BtoB and subsequently BtoC . We have many contacts and networks in the relavent sourcing markets and production facilities worldwide. So we are able to offer the best prices for high quality products. Should our buying request not be realized adequately we will communicate this and not accept the order. Sustainable customer loyalty is our top priority.

Through our decades of experience in product development, we have correspondingly developed a high level of competence in the field of products. Thus we are able to evaluate all the relavant processes and provide a confident commitment to projects. As requested we make reccomendations and give optimization alternatives.

Our customers are notified throughout the buying and distribution processes and we garantee on time delivery to the agreed price.

As mentioned above, we have special product development expertise and are thus able to manage our buying and distribution ourselves. Here we create manufacturing drawings together with information regarding material quality and weight. This allows us to pinpoint visually on any design the brand messages, creating a prominent display.

In addition to examining the first samples, we carry out all certifications and constantly monitor the entire production process. After selection of suitable transport packaging we manage the logistics and customs clearance then move on to delivery to the customers central warehouse.