Biographies of the men in charge

A team is more than just the players


Dirk Hagen Zimmermann was born on 25th October 1967 in Duisburg. At the University of Essen, he completed an Industrial Design course with a diploma in Design. During his studies, he worked for numerous companies and successfully participated in international design competitions, where he won first place five times.

Immediately after his studies, Dirk Hagen Zimmermann worked for several years for the renowned company Frog Design in Germany and the USA. In 1999 he founded marktunddesign, a design agency in Kaiserswerth, Düsseldorf. The business is focused on interdisciplinary product development. Here he and his team has so far developed over 500 consumer products in the last 15 years for virtually all areas including sports, toys, consumer electronics and household goods.

Dirk Hagen Zimmermann is a jury member of the Plus X Award. Each year, the Plus X Award honors innovation and quality for products in the areas of technology, sport and lifestyle.

As managing partner Dirk Hagen Zimmermann is responsible for product development, design and production as well as marketing.

Frank P. Urbas was born on 9th January 1962 in Düsseldorf . After his business training, he gained sales experience at the legendary Nixdorf Computers.

Following this Frank Urbas worked in senior positions at an international software and telecommunications company, where he was responsible for the development of new markets and their sales organization. Before Frank Urbas became self-employed in 2004, he was responsible for the Cologne -based QSC AG between 1999 and 2003 as Sales Manager for Germany and responsible for the development of the company’s sales department. Under his leadership, the sales team had gained more than 50 employees during his period.

Since March 2009, Frank Urbas is managing partner of the BRANDiVISION GmbH (previously: Urbas | Kehrberg GmbH). He is responsible for sales, finance, distribution and legal affairs.