BiV offers a full service in product development/-design, marketing and sales!


We develop and source products that enable our customers to provide their own success orientated campaigns. In communication with our customers and producers, new product generations are created and the existing products are optmized

In addition, we proactively generate new product ideas. The needs of our customers are paramount.

Every market, every industry and every product is subject to its own rules. Based on the experience from more than 500 concept developments in different industries (sports, healthcare, home appliances, lifestyle, promotion, merchandising and more), we are able to embrace tasks and find solutions quickly. We do not only take influence from the current markets, we also use influences from the more modern and diverse markets. In fact that we look beyond the norm, we put ourselves in the situation, look at innovations, latest techniques, materials and trends and help them inspire our new concepts. Thus we provide our customers with unique features and an “added value” advantage steering clear of tradition.


In particular, we consider:

  • Reflection of the strategic brand values and marketing objectives
  • Needs of the relevant distribution channels
  • Competition
  • Advertising and communication
  • Trends, latest techniques and materials
  • Feasibility and implementation

BiV stands for:

  1. 1. Product developments with great benefits and unique features
  2. 2. Creation of competitive advantages
  3. 3. Provision of product samples to support a safe purchase decision
  4. 4. Creating professional pre-sales documents and displays
  5. 5. Professional sourcing of products
  6. 6. Audit and securing property rights
  7. 7. Certification of products and production processes
  8. 8. High price-performance ratio
  9. 9. Innovation, quality and functionality as the basis for success
  10. 10. Full customer service

We stand for innovation!
Because the constant presentation of innovative and attractive products creates:

  • – Attention
  • – Recognition
  • – Fame
  • – Brand image
  • – Brand value

and creates a market buzz!